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JMTC is committed to student learning. Issues may arise that provide the need for a grievance procedure.

The institution has developed and implemented the following Complaint procedure, which includes the Student Complaint Designee. A student may lodge a complaint by communicating orally or in writing to any teacher, administrator, admissions personnel, or advisor. The recipient of the complaint is required to transmit the complaint as soon as possible to the student complaint designee or shall attempt to resolve a complaint if it is related to that person’s duties. If a student orally delivers the complaint and the complaint is not resolved either within a reasonable period of time or before the student files a second complaint, the student complaint designee, in the name of the institution, shall advise the student that a complaint must be submitted in writing and shall provide the student with a written summary of the institution’s complaint policy. If a student complains in writing, the student complaint designee, in the name of the institution, must provide the student with a written response, including a summary of the investigation. If the complaint is rejected as a result of the investigation, the student must be informed in writing of that disposition and the reasons for the rejection. The student’s participation in the complaint procedure and the institution’s disposition does not limit or waive any of the student’s rights or remedies.

JMTC Complaint Designee:

Joseph Tembu Ninjoh

2281 orchard rd Oswego Illinois 60543

School Telephone: 630 491 6048

Fax: 630 882 9533

Student may also write to the:

Illinois Board of Higher Education

1 North Old State Capitol Plaza, Suite 333

Springfield, Illinois 62701-1377

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